Twist Top Trio
Twist Top Trio
Twist Top Trio

Twist Top Trio


This set consists of 3 nesting containers with screw-on lids. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store. And easy on the environment too!  No plastic, no resins, no paint or dyes - no chemicals leaching into your food.

Great for packing lunch to go or to store coffee, tea, and sugar on the counter or in the cupboard. Can also be used to freeze berries for your smoothies or for storing leftovers in the fridge.

Size: Large- 4.25(D) x 2.9(H)" / Contents: 600 ML
         Medium- 3.75(D) x 2.5(H)" / Contents: 350 ML
         Small- 3.5(D) x 2.25(H)" / Contents: 200 ML

Care: Can be hand washed or put in the dishwasher.

Use: Suitable for fridge, freezer and oven (up to 450 degrees fahrenheit). Not suitable for microwave. Please note that these containers are leak-proof, but not liquid-proof. They hold juicy contents like watermelon or pineapple, but are not designed to hold soup.

201, 304 and 316 grades of stainless steel


Designed in Canada and artisanal made in India using century old traditional methods.


Recyclable cardboard sleeve


Cardboard sleeve is 100% recyclable.

Stainless steel is not currently accepted through municipal recycling but is accepted at scrap metal facilities.