Reusable KeepCup

Reusable KeepCup


KeepCup Brew Cork is made from durable, tempered glass with a sustainably harvested cork band for a comfortable hold.

As a drafted vessel for easy pour with a press fit sipper lid, it's lovely to drink from  lid on or off - lightweight, easy to carry and fits comfortably in your hand and cup holders.

Size: 354ml/12oz

Care: Hand wash only, to ensure longevity of the cork band, Do not remove the band when washing to maintain the band's shape, Store with the lid off

Tempered glass, sustainably harvested cork. polyproplyene alloy #7 lid and LDPE #4 plug

United Kingdom & Australia


Recyclable cardboard box


Unbroken glass is recyclable. Plastic lids are not accepted in municipal recycling. Park will gladly accept this item back for special recycling. KeepCup is currently investigating whether the cork band is compostable.