Mason Jar Pump
Mason Jar Pump

Mason Jar Pump


This soap pump converts any regular mouth mason jar (70mm neck size) into an elegant rustic bathroom or kitchen accessory. It is made with a thick 304 stainless steel top and jar band, which resist rust and corrosion. Sleek brushed stainless steel style adds an elegant touch to your bathroom or kitchen.

Includes plastic tube, which can be cut to size to fit pint and quart jar. Instructions included with pump.

Stainless steel lid and jar band. Plastic tube and silicone sealing ring.

EcoJarz has a close relationship with a small Vietnamese company that provides the raw lids. End-processes are completed in New York.

Pump is packaged in a cardboard box, parts wrapped in tissue paper

Disassemble the pump. Silicone ring and plastic straw are not currently accepted through municipal recycling. Park will gladly accept these items for special recycling.

Stainless steel is not currently accepted through municipal recycling but is accepted at scrap metal facilities.