Lunch on the Go Gift Set
Lunch on the Go Gift Set

Lunch on the Go Gift Set


Make packing lunch for the day a breeze! This gift set is packed up in a Companion Bag, and contains handy food containers and accessories, a perfect gift for those on the go!

Inside, you'll find...

  • Bamboo straw
  • Dalcini Little Lunch Combo
  • Bamboo utensils with cover (includes fork, knife and spoon)

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    • Bamboo straw - Whangee Bamboo
    • Little lunch combo - 201, 304 and 316 grades of stainless steel
    • Companion bag - 50% organic hemp and 50% organic cotton
    • Bamboo utensils - Certified organic bamboo, finished with flax seed oil. Organic cotton pouch
    • Bamboo straw - Sip Naked, Anji, China
    • Little lunch combo - Designed in Canada, artisanal made in India
    • Bamboo utensils - China
    • Companion bag - Dans Le Sac, Quebec

    This gift bag is packed into the Companion Bag

    • Little lunch combo - Cardboard sleeve is recyclable. Stainless steel is not currently accepted through municipal recycling but us accepted as scrap metal facilities.
    • Bamboo utensils - Paper hangtag is recyclable. Organic bamboo is compostable. if cotton pouch is beyond repair, textile recycling is recommended
    • Companion bag - If bag is beyond repair, textile recycling is recommended. Paper tag can be recycled.
    • Bamboo straw - 100% compostable