Escarpment Kombucha
Escarpment Kombucha
Escarpment Kombucha

Escarpment Kombucha


Escarpment Kombucha starts with a custom blend of loose leaf organic green and black teas, organic cane sugar, and their own live kombucha culture (sometimes called a scoby). Each batch is precisely fermented, then flavoured with high-quality whole fruits and botanicals blended directly into the kombucha. Once flavoured, the mixture is fermented a second time to ensure the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. This method delivers intensely delicious flavour on a completely different level than kombuchas flavoured with concentrates, juices, or tea blends.  Lastly, kombucha is filtered and lightly carbonated, leaving behind living beneficial yeasts and bacterias in every bottle.

Bottle Size: 355 ML

Storage: To be refrigerated

Lemon Ginger: If you have a family member or friend who’s not crazy about kombucha, this is the flavour to start them with. We use bright lemon and spicy ginger in careful proportions, really allowing our custom blend of black and green tea from Lemon Lily in Toronto to shine.

Raspberry Lavender: Fragrant, floral, and sweeter than summer - this flavour is uplifting and magical solo or in mixed drinks. Treat yourself without regrets. Made with pesticide-free raspberries from Boreal Berry Farms in Waldon and lavender from Weir’s Lane Lavender in Dundas.

Hamilton, Ontario

Reusable glass jar

Compostable seal

Please return glass jar for sanitization and re-use.