Dry Shampoo (Refill)
Dry Shampoo (Refill)
Dry Shampoo (Refill)

Dry Shampoo (Refill)


For online refill orders, please select how much product you'd like to purchase. For both curbside pick-up and local delivery, you can either provide your own container OR purchase one with your order to be filled. We also sell pre-bottled dry shampoo.

Important Note: If you are providing your own container to be refilled, it must be clean, dry, empty and uncracked, as well as have a clean and functional closure. If these requirements are not met, we will not be able to refill your container.

Tip: If you are refilling an original dry shampoo jar, we recommend ordering 50 grams for a full refill. 

A soothing blend of arrowroot powder and kaolin clay, this dry shampoo will help absorb excess oil on the scalp and extend times between shampoos.

Use: Simply shake a very small amount into palm and sprinkle along the crown, fringe or hairline. Gently blend with fingers or a natural bristle brush.

Dark Hair: Arrowroot Powder, Australian Pink Clay, Cocoa Powder, Blood Orange Essential Oil.

Light HairArrowroot Powder, Kaolin Clay, Blood Orange Essential Oil.

Corktown Soap, Hamilton, Ontario

Dry shampoo is 100% compostable