Bath & Body Loofa Sponges 3-Pack
Bath & Body Loofa Sponges 3-Pack
Bath & Body Loofa Sponges 3-Pack

Bath & Body Loofa Sponges 3-Pack


Bath and Body Loofah Sponges come in a set of 3 - cut and sewn, yet are not sprayed or treated. Loofah Sponges are super versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. Best of all, loofah's are 100% compostable.

Set of 3, with each loofah dimension: 12.5 cm x 9 cm (in dry form).

Use: Before your first use, soak your Loofa Sponge in water for 3-5 minutes, allowing it to expand and soften. To use, rub soap into the Loofah. The mesh-like texture makes it easy to foam using less soap with each use. Loofah Sponges are hard enough to exfoliate and scrub, and soft enough to protect skin. Each sponge is durable for approximately 30-40 days. 

Care: Make sure to rinse and hang your Loofah Sponge to dry after each use. You can gently wash it every now and then in a bowl of baking soda, which will increase its lifespan.

Note: This is a natural product, so size and colour variations will occur between loofahs. Some of them even contain loofah seeds as they aren’t processed at all. This is totally normal!

100% loofa plant and cotton string. The loofah plant is a fast-growing vine native to Asia and Southeast Asia, belonging to the cucumber family. They are cultivated throughout the Middle East, including Jordan. The loofah fruit is similar to a cucumber, but much bigger. The inside of this fruit develops strong fibers, which are perfect for exfoliating and cleaning.

Packaged with love in Jerash Refugee Camp in Jordan

The set of 3 sponges comes in a white recyclable box.

When you are finished with your Loofah Sponge, simply bury it in the soil or throw it in with your compost.