Refillable products can be purchased in store OR online for either curbside pick-up or local delivery. To order refillables online, we have two options:

1. You can select how much product you’d like to refill by weight. For this you will select the amount (ex. 5 x 100 grams) and add to your cart.

2. You can select our Fill & Bill Service, in which we will fill your empty containers with selected products and send an invoice after we’re done. For this you will select the Fill & Bill option for the specific product(s) you would like to order. These products are priced at $0.00 as the total is calculated after your pick-up or delivery is complete. Please note, if your invoice amount exceeds $45 before tax and you were charged a delivery fee, this will be credited on your invoice.

What containers should I use?

For both curbside pick-up and local delivery, you can either provide your own containers OR purchase with your order to be filled. Please visit our bottles, jars and jugs page to add to your order if you are not providing your own containers. We ask that you leave a note with your order at check-out to let us know which products you'd like in which containers. 

Important Note: If you are providing your own container to be refilled, it must be clean, dry, empty and uncracked, as well as have a clean and functional closure. If these requirements are not met, we will not be able to refill your container.

Need more help? Visit our How It Works page for more information.

*If ordering food online, these products can be purchased in our pre-filled, sanitized Park glass jars. First time purchasers, should select a NEW jar. If you are returning a Park glass jar with your order, please select the SWAP option.