Our Story

It all started in a park. Cornwall Park in Auckland, New Zealand.

While our founders were travelling, they were completely astonished by how progressive New Zealand is when it comes to the conservation and protection of the environment. From the moment they arrived, they saw a commitment. A commitment from government, from businesses and most importantly, the people. This commitment wasn’t made because it was convenient or more cost-effective, it was made to preserve the land they cherish and call home. Whether it was folks bringing their own coffee cups, to AirBnB’s with refillable soaps and shampoos from a local refillery; they saw the commitment everywhere.

With interest in trying to find a refillery back in Ontario to go to, our founders learned that they were few and far between. Lying among the trees in Cornwall Park, it clicked. One founder would quit her full time job after 8 incredible years of  non-profit work in downtown Toronto and the other would take on a second. The two decided they would give Park Market & Refillery an honest try. 

Without the world we have the luxury of calling home, we have nothing. Generations that come after us will live in a very different world, if at all. Our founders want to provide a solution for people that want to take it upon themselves to make a difference.

Jeff and Erike underneath a tree in New Zealand
Jeff and Erika with big smiles in their bottle shop in Burlington