Organic Canola Oil
Organic Canola Oil

Organic Canola Oil


We are currently unable to refill customer containers with food and beverage products. At this time, these products can be purchased in our pre-filled, sanitized Park glass jars. First time purchasers, should select a NEW jar. If you are returning a Park glass jar with your order, please select the SWAP option.

NEW Park jars (filled with approx. 750ml of canola oil) can be purchased for $19. If you are returning an empty Park jar, please select the SWAP option for $15.50.

An unrefined, non-GMO, organic canola oil that is pressed fresh for Park.

Care: Canola oil can be stored in sealed jar at room temperature.

Quebec, Canada

Refillable glass jar

Please return Park jar and lid to us for sanitization and re-use