Cloth Diaper & Surface Sanitizer (Refill)

Cloth Diaper & Surface Sanitizer (Refill)


For online refill orders, please select how much product you'd like to purchase OR our Fill & Bill option. For both curbside pick-up and local delivery, you can either provide your own container OR purchase one with your order to be filled. Please visit our bottles, jars and jugs page to add to your order if you are not providing your own container. If you've selected our Fill & Bill option, you will be invoiced after your pick-up or delivery for the balance.

Important Note: If you are providing your own container to be refilled, it must be clean, dry, empty and uncracked, as well as have a clean and functional closure. If these requirements are not met, we will not be able to refill your container.

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This sanitizer is an excellent bleach for surfaces, especially children's toys. It is also a great product to add to your laundry load. This eco-friendly product optimizes the washing of your cloth diapers during a normal cycle. It is hydrogen peroxide based and made from safe ingredients for your child and the planet.

Use: To wash surfaces and toys, mix 1 litre of water and 5 ml of sanitizer in a spray bottle. Spray, let stand for a few minutes, wipe away and rinse with water. To get rid of germs and bacteria, mix 1 litre of water and 125 ml of sanitizer in a bottle. For cloth diapers and laundry add the sanitizer to a normal wash cycle, in the bleach compartment. After sanitizing, rinse thoroughly.

HE washer: 15ml/load Standard washer: 30ml/load

Aqua (Eau / Water), Hydrogen Peroxide, Phosphoric Acid, Laureth-7, Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Phosphate Dibasic, Potassium Hydroxide.

Omaiki, Saint-Alexandre, Quebec

Cleaner is biodegradable and septic tank safe