Run of the Mill (Organic Whole Wheat Flour)

Run of the Mill (Organic Whole Wheat Flour)


While all of 1847 Stone Milling flours are milled whole grain, this specialty flour is milled coarse and sifted through a large screen to produce a full body ideal for your whole grain baking, roti and chapati. Made with a blend of hard red wheat sourced seasonally from Ontario or Western Canada, the finished flour is grain brown and well textured. The coarse grind gives flavours of pizza crust and toasted oats with hints of walnut. For best results with sourdough, a longer autolyse can soften the bran or a mix of Daily Bread flour and the Run of the Mill whole wheat provide exceptional results.

Organic Hard Red Wheat, this whole grain wheat flour is a great addition to your breads! The high protein level of the hard red wheat produces the perfect amount of gluten while still having the earthiness of whole wheat.

*1847 Stone Milling is a nut, treenut, peanut, and sesame seed free facility.

1847 Stone Milling's Commitment to the Planet:

Not every flour starts with planting a tree, but thanks to their 100% solar powered mill 1847 is doing just that. The carbon offset from their solar power alone is equivalent to planting 2 trees every day, by the end of the year that is equivalent to saving 40 acres of Canadian forest. Your baking will taste even better when you know the flour behind it is keeping our planet healthy. We hope you also enjoy their 100% compostable flour bags, which are diverting plastic from the landfill or ocean. They also repurpose all of the bran and wheat chaff from the milling process by working with local farmers to repurpose it as animal food or bedding – no bull!

1847 Stone Milling, Fergus, Ontario

100% compostable bag

Flour bag can be composted