Refiller's Bag
Refiller's Bag
Refiller's Bag

Refiller's Bag


Because refilling jars means carrying them back and forth. So here's the perfect bag for doing just that!

Different jars, different sizes: Are your jars not standard at all? No problem! The movable dividers in this bag are detached from one another, so you can move them around to fit jars of different sizes.

No wobbly jars: The handles of this bag are attached to all four sides. This creates pressure on all angles and makes sure jars won't move around when being transported.

Easy access: Stiff canvas and boxy construction with stitched corners provides sturdiness and helps with loading/unloading.

Machine washable: Machine wash this bag to keep it clean and use it over and over again. Wash in cold and hang to dry. 

9" x 9" x 9"

Bag made of sturdy certified organic cotton canvas. Handles made of tightly woven premium jute webbing.

Designed and made in Ontario, Canada.

Paper tag on twine. 

Paper tag is recyclable. If bag is beyond repair, textile recycling is recommended.