On the Go Essentials Gift Set
On the Go Essentials Gift Set

On the Go Essentials Gift Set


The perfect gift for that friend or family member who seems to be always running around! Packed with essentials that will make their life on the go a breeze.

Inside, you'll find...

  • A 12oz reusable coffee cup
  • Bamboo straw
  • Stasher snack bag

All conveniently packed in an eco-friendly, reusable Companion Bag

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  • Reusable coffee cup - Coffee husk, polypropylene
  • Bamboo straw - Whangee Bamboo
  • Companion bag - 50% organic hemp and 50% organic cotton
  • Stasher bag - 100% pure platinum grade silicone
  • Reusable coffee cup - Designed in Australia. Made in China
  • Bamboo straw - Sip Naked, Anji, China
  • Companion bag - Dans Le Sac, Quebec
  • Stasher bag - Designed in California, produced in China

This gift is packed into the Companion Bag

  • Reusable coffee cup - Box can be recycled. Return to HuskeeCup for recycling
  • Companion bag - If bag is beyond repair, textile recycling is recommended. Paper tag can be recycled.
  • Stasher bag - Stashers repurposing program will convert them into safe playground pebbles
  • Bamboo straw - 100% compostable