Sustainably Made Yoga & Meditation Props

Sustainably Made Yoga & Meditation Props

I started Love My Mat in 2008 with a desire to clean my mat after years of practicing. It took several years, but I developed a Plant-Based Yoga Mat Cleaner better than I could have imagined. Made with USDA Certified Organic Citrus Extract, our cleaner kills 99% of germs and bacteria with 30 seconds of surface contact AND it helps to inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria as well.

I designed it as a yoga mat cleaner, but this non-wipe formula is safe to use around kids, pets and food so we’ve been using it to clean our house for years.

When our sons were young, we sprayed their toys with it.

After cooking, we spray our countertops down as it kills salmonella, e.coli and listeria.

Once a week, I walk around the house spraying the light switches, door knobs, railings and toilet flushers to disinfect them all.

The original cleaner came in a plastic bottle with a little organic cotton cloth. Recently we moved to a more sustainable option of a glass bottle and began offering refills. The label can easily be peeled off so the bottle can be reused as a plant mister or filled with vinegar and water for cleaning mirrors and windows.

We make our cleaner in small batches in our shop in Hamilton, Ontario along with many other sustainable yoga and meditation products. 

How is Love My Mat a sustainable company?

We avoid use of plastics for packaging and shipping wherever possible. We use paper hang tags attached with a reusable safety pin. We use recycled kraft paper to wrap our products instead of plastic bags. We re-use any packaging materials that enter our shop. And we are continually exploring ways to reduce waste and be as sustainable as possible.

We source all our materials and ingredients as locally as possible to avoid contributing to worldwide shipping emissions. 

Buckwheat Hulls from a farm in Quebec fill made of our Meditation Cushions.

Cotton is grown and processed for us in Tennessee to fill our Bolsters.

Flax Seeds used to fill our Eye Pillows come from the Canadian prairies. 

All of our prop cover fabrics are made from upcycled or discarded fabrics. We shop at thrift stores to find unwanted table cloths, duvet covers and curtains. We source dead stock and discontinued fabric bolts from a local fabric liquidator. Our stock is constantly changing because we only use what is already available and it often comes in small quantities.

All of our products are handmade at our studio shop in Hamilton, Ontario by local women. We don’t outsource work overseas. We pay more than a living wage and offer flexibility to our team so they can do the work they love when they want to.

My Top Three Props and why I love them.

ps – these are all available at Park Market and Refillery for the month of February 2022!

Long & Lean Bolster 

4” longer than a standard and slightly narrower to support your whole spine as you open your heart. Firmly filled with cotton and designed to last for 10+ years. 

I love using a bolster for so many things. My favourite yoga poses with a bolster include;

Supported Fish Pose to open your chest, stretch your shoulders and help relieve low back pain.

Pigeon Pose – placing a bolster under your pelvis helps to keep your body neutral and supported so you can enjoy this hip opening posture.

Savasana with a bolster under your knees takes the pressure off the low back and allows the body to rest more deeply.

Modern Zafu

Our meditation cushions are filled with buckwheat hulls so they form to your body and support you in all the ways you need. They help you improve your posture and reduce back pain. The inner liners are made with unbleached cotton and have a zipper so you can add or remove hulls as needed.

I love using a Modern Zafu cushion to support me for meditation. It can be used to sit cross-legged or kneeling, with or without a Zabuton meditation mat. These cushions are used by everyone in my household for lots of different things.

My husband sits on it to stretch his arms and shoulders.

My kids like to build forts with props or make obstacle courses using them.

I use the Modern Zafu as an ottoman under my feet while sitting on the couch.

Makes a great support for squatting to stretch, play cards or work on your laptop at the coffee table.

Flax and Lavender Eye Pillow

We fill our Eye Pillows with flax seeds scented with high quality lavender oil. We add dried lavender buds to prolong the sweet smell of lavender. The washable covers are made from upcycled duvet covers and discarded cotton.

Everyone loves an Eye Pillow because they have so many uses. 

Eye Pillows are my favourite thing to gift to new mothers to encourage them to rest and nap whenever possible. 

They can be placed in the freezer and used as a cold pack.

They can be heated in the microwave to use as a heating pad (especially great for dry eye syndrome or period cramps.)

My husband uses his Eye Pillow to block out the light when I’m reading in bed too late at night.

Both of my sons use an Eye Pillow to help them fall asleep.

Lavender is a natural headache remedy, so they are great to use when you feel a headache coming on.

All of these products are available at Park Market & Refillery for the month of February. Hoping you can make it in to check them out. Thanks for reading!

Sending you love & rest,

xo Shelley xo

Shelley Gordon – owner Love My Mat