Refill Therapy > Retail Therapy

Refill Therapy > Retail Therapy

Some days can be downright crummy. Interoffice politics, teenage children, burning your mouth on hot food or hitting a parked car to name a few. While we recognize our overwhelming privilege and luck to live in a safe and healthy community, no one is immune from letting these everyday inconveniences and struggles affect their mood. 

Introduce retail therapy. The sweet, sweet awesomeness of compulsively buying a consumer good with most likely poor quality and an even worse end of life plan. The best part of this experience is either driving home from the store or alternatively tracking its shipment from a fulfilment center to your door believing with every turn or screen refresh that this purchase will solve all of the day’s problems. The climax is the unboxing. Pulling away single-use plastic, discovering a box size 4 times the size of the product or the horror of seeing packing peanuts starts to dwindle the excitement of this pariah product. Then at last, a retail product that will probably require more therapy than it provides. A shirt that doesn’t make you look like Dwayne Johnson, a mandolin that can’t slice or a basket that doesn’t thrust your living room into House & Home stardom hammers home the realization that this purchase was another poor choice in a string of suboptimal occurrences. 

Insert Refill Therapy...

where packing peanuts are banned and poor decisions are compostable. What is refill therapy you ask? It is compulsively organizing, labelling, cleaning and reorganizing your bottles, jars & jugs to help eliminate your single-use plastic and packaging. Take solace in the fact that you are doing something right on such a crummy day and you are not alone. You are part of a larger, sometimes hidden community of low-wasters that aren’t perfect, but dedicated. 

Not enough? Give us a call for a pep talk.

Still not enough? Heck, treat yourself to some refillable bath salts and Camino chocolate chips carried in our new refiller’s bag

Boom. Day is improved. Take that retail therapy.