Low Waste Gift Giving

Low Waste Gift Giving

Gift giving while trying to remain environmentally responsible can be a challenge at the best of times. Whether it’s birthdays, housewarming gifts or – why we decided to write this blog – the holidays.

If you’re having the internal struggle of wanting to gift something great, but NOT wanting to default to a keychain or mug that they’ll forget about in a month, you’re in the right place! We’ve compiled our favourite low waste gift tips and ideas to guide and hopefully take some stress out of your holiday gifting this year. 

First up – instead of gifting a thing, consider gifting of an unforgettable experience! There are so many local classes, events, and overall fun things to do. Not only are you gifting something fun, but you’re also gifting quality time together, and what could be better than that? Plus, who’s not down for some in-person fun activities after the lockdown rollercoaster we've been on. Here are a couple ideas:

  • Chocolate making class
  • Van Gogh immersive experience
  • A brewery tour
  • Tickets to a movie
  • Day ski/snowboard pass
  • Tickets to a sports game or concert
  • Clay painting or pottery class

Next up on our list, homemade gifts. Think macaroni necklace, but next level. We’ve shared a couple recipes so far on our Instagram for some delicious desserts, that would also make great gifts. Cupcakes, cookies, brittle – tell us you wouldn’t be jazzed receiving some yummy treats. We find most of our recipes at the Minimalist Baker, if you need some inspo. Aside from that, why not turn your hobby into a gift – love to knit, embroider, paint, sing? Turn it into a gift – something homemade can be so thoughtful.

If you are specifically looking for a thing for that special someone – instead of relying on big box stores, mix in some small local businesses! Not to name-drop ourselves, but we carry tons of handmade products from local makers – gifts you can really feel good about. There are so many other great small businesses as well, where you can find something for almost anyone on your list.

Another tip for if a physical object is what you’re looking for – consider going second-hand! If you haven’t been thrifting before, you’d be surprised by all the hidden gems you could find. Plus, if it’s THE perfect gift you’ve been looking for, and you know it’s exactly what they want, who really cares if it’s not brand new?  

All in all (going to hit you with a big cliché here), it’s the thought that counts. With some creativity, giving the perfect gift while being environmentally conscious is super possible.