How to Make Halloween Low Waste 🎃

How to Make Halloween Low Waste 🎃

The weather is cooler, summer annuals have been replaced by mums and October is here. We know what that means…

It’s officially spooky season! To us, the entire month of October is essentially Halloween and we love it. Between scary movies and pumpkin carving, we really get into the festivities. This time of year, however, can definitely create some unnecessary waste. Since we’re all about low waste living solutions around here, we figured we would share some of our favourite tips on how to make your halloween low waste.

Let's start with pumpkin carving, a beloved tradition to many. There are few ways you can go about this so that only the pumpkins are spooky, not the waste that goes along with them. First, save everything you scoop out. The seeds - hit them with some of our refillable Olive Oil or Avocado Oil and Sea Salt, toast in the oven and you’ve got a tasty snack. Our Silicone Silpat Baking Sheets make for a sustainable and easy clean up. We love the recipe from the Minimalist Baker the best. The “guts” - save that too! A simple search online will reveal tons of recipes from loaves to face masks. 

Next up, low waste decorations! If you’re really wanting to get into the season, and spook up your house with decorations, try to take a 'less is more' approach. As awesome as all those decorations in the store look, try to reel it in. Check around your home first to see what you already have, or maybe use materials you already have and turn it into a fun arts and crafts activity to make your own ghosts and ghouls. You'd be surprised what you may already tucked away or can find second-hand.

Lastly, Trick or Treating for the kiddos. There are a couple ways you can go about being a little more environmentally friendly when preparing your goodies to give out to trick or treaters on Halloween night. Opt for candy with cardboard packaging that can be recycled as opposed to single-use, individually wrapped plastic candy wrappers. Grocery stores often carry Halloween boxes of candy that are exclusively smarties, therefore entirely recyclable. A box of raisins is another option, but you do run the risk of being the least favourite house on the block.

Wishing you and yours a happy Halloween! We dare you to make low-waste practices a component of the season.