How To: Low Waste at the Movies

How To: Low Waste at the Movies

We don’t know about all of you, but one thing we were looking forward to with Covid-19 restrictions easing was being able to go to the movie theatre again. Whether it’s the epic sound, getting the first watch of a new release, or coming out of the theatre in a trance-like state not knowing what time or day it is, going to the movies really is an experience.

All this is great, but one of our favourite parts? The snacks. One of my least favourite parts? The waste associated with the snacks. Now don’t get us wrong, we spring for the concession snacks from time to time, but if you’re looking to do the movies low-waste, we got you - *whispers* - just don’t tell the theatre.

We’ve got (almost) everything you need here at Park to pull off your sneaky, low-waste snack mission. To make it even easier, we’ve compiled everything you’ll need to do into a series of steps:

  1. Pop into Park to grab your refillable popcorn, sea saltavocado oil and chocolate chips.
  2. Bring supplies home, get to poppin’ (fun fact, you can pop your popcorn directly in one of our Stand-Up Stasher bags - find directions here).
  3. Throw in some salt and chocolate chips for a little salty & sweet action.
  4. This step is critical: Find your baggiest sweater and just stuff the snacks in there. Torso, sleeves, hood - think of all that space for snacks. Sunglasses and fake moustache optional, but will definitely make you look less suspicious.

That’s it - four simple steps to do the movies low-waste style. You can thank us later, but if anyone asks, you didn’t hear it from us.